Granolab / Granotec do Brasil exclusively represents Chopin and Perten, offering the only Authorized Assistance Service.

Our technicians are trained by the manufactures to assure the perfect equipment operation and, mainly, the assurance of analytical results.

On a daily basis, it’s usual to find concepts as Maintenance and Calibration / Measurement, thus we show the proper description of each activity:


Maintenance is the service to assure the best performance of equipment and its analytical results. The procedures include manufacture’s check-list, where, if necessary, pieces can be replaced by original ones, and also calibration is adjusted.

Maintenance can be:

  • Preventive: Carried out periodically in order to avoid flaws, output drop and sudden stops caused by defects that could be previously detected.
  • Corrective: Carried out after defect is detected, breaches or irregular results.

Maintenance Certificates are issued after each maintenance.


Calibration is based on the comparison between values obtained through a standard measurement tool, which are calibrated and certified by traceable RBC standards (Brazilian Calibration Net) and values provided directly by the equipment being calibrated, such as: Temperature (°C), humidity (%), time (min.,sec.).

RBC standard Calibration Certificates are issued after each calibration.


The concept of measurement is based upon the measuring quantities that may interfere in the analysis results, given the manufactures’ specification, but that has not the reference value indicated on the equipment, such as: Rotation (rpm), spacing (cm, mm).

For measurement it’s also used calibrated and certified traceable RBC tools (Brazilian Calibration Net).

RBC standard Measurement Certificates are issued after each measurement.

Granolab/Granotec do Brasil, concerned with guaranteeing the analytical results of its customers, always offers Technical Assistance Service for Maintenance Equipment, and the option of Calibration / Measurement with RBC traceable standards certificate.